SEO Errors.

Resolving SEO errors has on average increased our clients website health by 37%.

An increased website health improves your Search Engine Optimisation rankings and SERP results.

Resolving site health errors not only improves your SEO rankings, it can speed up your site loading times and improve user experience. This is critical for retaining customers and growing your brand.

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Improve your site ranking


backlink audit report

Google penalises your ranking for bad backlinks. Removing these toxic backlinks improves your Search Engine Ranking by improving your websites trust score.

What are backlinks? Think of a backlink as a referral from someone else’s website to your website. The quality of the website referring traffic to your website will rank the quality of the backlink. For example, .gov is a highly rated backlink source, whereas, a link from say a spam or mature content website could negatively impact your SEO.

Why do I have bad backlinks? Your website may have fallen prey to a negative SEO attack. This is where, most likely, a competitor pays for a negative SEO campaign against your website. This commonly includes paying for many negative backlinks from sources such as pornographic websites and known spam sites.


We improve your site ranking by reviewing your keywords, targeting your audience and optimising your site.

We review your competitors to ensure you are capturing your audience’s keywords.

SERP rankings are targeted by introducing Image, URL, and Page Title naming conventions targeted to your audience.

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Grow Your Business.

Competitor Analysis.

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Why is competitor analysis important?

Seeing the keywords your competitors are ranking for and comparing it to your own targeted keywords allows you to develop strategies to compete against those keywords.

You may have missed some critical keywords, or find products or services your competitors are offering that you wish to compete with. You may also find that your target keywords were too broad or narrow.

In summary, analysing your competitors gives you the information to develop a competitive edge in your niche.

Staff Training.

We believe in training you and your staff in how to create new content with the best SEO techniques. Enabling you to post SEO minded content that ranks high without the need to engage us for every post.


Our average our SEO clients keywords increased in position by 42%.

Work with a professional SEO company who have proven results.

We achieved 30 #1 keywords and 73 Top 10 keywords for one client in the first 3 weeks and its still growing. Yes, just one client.

Be a leader. Not a follower.


Technical SEO

Your SEO results will not improve without a solid error free environment. This is critical for SEO. These errors are typically not visible on the website to your clients, rather they lurk in the background and reduce your website ranking with Google. There are many ways to improve these results.



Regular review of your keywords is crucial to remaining on top. What are your users searching for? Do you have internal competing pages, Keyword Cannibalisation? Do you have suitable content that is topical for your industry? Let me provide you with the guidance and information to stay at the head of your industry.



SERP Results are SEO goodies that are rewarded when a website has a great mixture of content and technical SEO. Its requires the best SEO to get these snippets. Don’t take my word for it, let me prove it to you with regular updates on your performance results. 

15 October 2020

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