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August 17, 2020 |
Built-x-np What we do section

Built X NP or Built By Nyle Poland is a local carpentry and building works company. Built X NP provide maintenance services to all sectors of the industry.

Nyle wanted help building a website to showcase his work and provide customers with a location they could read about him and his accreditations. The website design was simple and did not ahve a requirement to drive traffic or build enquiries. The advertising for Built X NP is conducted in local social media and industry apps.

KirkLloyd designed a website suitable to showcase Built X NP’s projects. The new website was built with HTML5 and JavaScript. These technologies are simple to work with and can deliver a project quickly with minimal fuss.

After the website design and build was complete, the new website was setup on HostGator website hosting service. Hostgator offered competitive pricing and good website speed. Finally, we setup new email addresses and contact forms for client communication. 

Built X NP did not require any SEO to be implemented. 

Finally, we added client reviews. Showcasing client reviews is a fantastic way to show your customer satisifaction.

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What we did.

Built by NP Logo

Website Hosting

Organised and setup website and Email hosting for Built X NP.

Website Design

Designed and implemented a new website for Built X NP.

Built by NP website screenshot