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July 20, 2020 |

Fairy Fun is a local children’s entertainment company in Sydney. The goals of the project were to update Fairy Fun’s website from Flash to HTML and provide SEO that works so the client to reduce advertising expenditure.

KirkLloyd began by designing a website that targets Fairy Fun’s audience. We used WordPress to build the website, why WordPress? Well, WordPress websites make it easy for Phillippa to conduct future maintenance herself. WordPress websites are easy for Phillippa to write blogs, update images, change pricing and generally maintain the website. A WordPress website is a good choice if you have a client who needs ongoing maintenance or ongoing additions.

After the website design and build were complete, we moved the website host to a local website hosting service here in Sydney. This made the website load much faster than the US-based servers Fairy Fun was hosted on previously. It makes a huge difference to user experience having a fast website. Fast websites have higher user retention. Moving the website host was easy and provided Fairy Fun with large website speed gains.

Now we had a functioning new website and fast loading time thanks to our new hosting environment, we could focus on driving more traffic. 

We began our SEO plan by reviewing the client’s keywords. Naturally, Phillippa wanted to capture words like “Children’s Party Sydney, Fairy Sydney, etc.” We reviewed the keyword competition and targeted our chosen keywords by updating the website content. We adjusted the focus on Fairy Fun’s website to target the SEO audience, additionally, we updated the naming of links and images. This enabled us to target SERP results. SERP results are covered in my blog here. Following on from our Keyword review, SEO implementation and SERP targeting, we focused on clearing out the bad back backlinks.

Once the SEO plan was implemented, we were able to take a step back from constant changes and assess how the website was performing. 

Finally, we implemented a plan to begin writing blogs. Blogs are fantastic for SEO as they add fresh content to your website regularly. 

What we did.

Fairy Fun Fairy

Website Hosting

Moving host was a natural step. This increased the website response time by using local web servers. It also came with an added benefit of been cheaper than the existing website host.

Graph showing improved keywords

Website Design

Rebuilt the fariyfun.com.au website from start to finish. When Phillippa came to us, her website was build in Flash. Updating Fairy Fun to HTML and maintaining the fun feel was critical.

Fairy Fun website screenshot


Fairy Fun had a solid repeat business structure via referral and social media advertising. We reviewed the keywords people may search for and optomised the website for these.

The Results.

1 %
Increased Traffic

250% increase in traffic to the website

1 %
Organic Keyword

98% increase in identified organic keywords

1 %
Website Enquiries

73% increase in online enquiries compared to previous 12 months.