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not-your-normal-miner logo
July 30, 2020 |

When I first met Wes (Not Your Normal Miner) he was building up his YouTube brand. Wes was doing a great job, but didn’t have dedicated branding. As Wes and I talked more and more, we decided to undertake logo design and branding for his YouTube channel.

Wanting to tie the logo design in with Wes’s YouTube channel content, we undertook several iterations of the design process. Wes reviews Graphic Cards, Crypto-Currency mining, rig setup, mining pools, solo mining. Basically anything crypto related. So we wanted the logo design to display Wes and use familiar styling to the crypto world and other YouTube channels covering similar content. Wes was already using the lettering NYNM, so sticking with this in his logo design was a no-brainer.


The finished logo has made Wes recognisable, given him personal branding and makes his videos instantly recognisable to any watchers. 

Take a look at his channel over here. Not Your Normal Miner.


What we did.

grey scale of Wes

QR Code

Given Wes’s channel is all about crypto-currency, I wanted his logo to be technical. So I created a QR code that links direct to his YouTube Channel.

not-your-normal-miner logo


I wanted Wes’s brand to be unique. I started by getting a picture of Wes and grey scaling it. 

nynm qr code


Wes had already built a name with NYNM lettering so we maintained tha in his logo. The result was a simple but recognisable brand for Wes’s YouTube channel.