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May 18, 2021 |

At the Independent Gallery for Australian Photographers, they think that all photographers should have the opportunity to submit their original photographic art, and once hanging in the igap gallery be judged by a panel of guest judges, igap curators and of course the vote of the people (the people’s choice)(through social media platforms). Giving encouragement and mentor-ship to all up and coming photographers, no matter their level of experience or scope of work.

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IGAP exhibitions/competitions are designed to bring as many photographers together as possible. To show off their photographic artworks in the best possible light, printed to incredibly high standards, gallery hung and put in front of art lovers and buyers alike.

Igap required a website that showcased their offering, provided information and details on their gallery, as well as allowing photographers to submit their images.

We built the igap website with WordPress using WooCommerce as the medium for photo submissions. 

The submissions needed to have controls around the file types and dimensions. Additionally, we needed to store the images off of the webserver to ensure the cost of website hosting remained viable.

KirkLloyd undertook the website design, layout and additional integrations for igap. We host continue to conduct the ongoing maintenance and support for igap as well as providing hosting services.

What we did.

igap webiste screenshot

Social Media

Igap required Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter channels. KirkLloyd assisted with the setup and running of these accounts.

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Website Design

Design and Build  website. Conduct ongoing maintenance and website updates. Integrate with third party storage for bulky images.

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Website Hosting

Host the igap.net.au website and provide ongoing support.