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August 10, 2021 |

RCA Group is a risk consultancy firm that provides Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Independent Reviews and Staff Training to Clubs and Pubs throughout Australia. The AML/CTF Independent Reviews conducted check the businesses are complying with AML/CTF rules and regulations that are applicable to the hospitality industry.

The goals of the project were to provide a website showing Pubs and Clubs what RCA Group offer, along with an easily maintainable website with blogging ability.

As a secondary project, we migrated and set up RCA Group’s training software on the Moodle Platform. This training platform has now migrated to SAP Litmos to handle the growth and implement easy management reporting.

A technical SEO package was provided to assist the business lower advertising costs as well as give the company an SEO solution.

KirkLloyd began by building the website using WordPress.  KirkLloyd moved the webhosting to a more reliable provider and updated the SSL certificates. We chose to use WordPress over other platforms because WordPress allows simple maintenance for the end user. RCA Group can easily write blogs, update images, change pricing and generally maintain the website. A WordPress website is a good choice if you have a client who needs ongoing maintenance or ongoing additions.

After the website design was complete, we integrated RCA Group’s client base with Zoho CRM. This allowed them to easily manage their clients collective information and prepare reports. A data collection form was set up on the website to gather client information.  This information is sent directly to Zoho enabling The AML Company to streamline its processes.

For RCA Group, whilst SEO was important, it was equally important to target the correct keywords as they operate within the compliance industry, so there are many synonyms that are not applicable for the business.

KirkLloyd performed technical SEO on the RCA Group website. The client requested we resolve site errors and this was achieved. KirkLloyd also added schema and structured data to the website.

We adjusted the focus on RCA Group’s website to target the SEO audience. Additionally, we updated the naming of links and images. This enabled us to target SERP results. SERP results are covered in my blog here. Following on from our Keyword review, SEO implementation and SERP targeting, we focused on clearing out the bad back backlinks.

Finally, we implemented a plan to begin writing blogs. Blogs are fantastic for SEO as they add fresh content to your website regularly. 

What we did.

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Website Hosting

Website Hosting, Email Hosting, SSL Certificate were all included in the package for RCA Group. We increased the website speed by changing website host to a company who use local web servers . It also came with an added benefit of been cheaper than the existing website host.

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Website Design

RCA Group’s new website was a simple WordPress website. The website design was kept simple to reflect the industry they are representing.

rca group

Technical SEO

RCA Group required a Technical SEO pack to be provided. This set the base for strong keyword growth in their sector.