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Hanacoin Website
August 3, 2020 |

Hanacoin first started as an idea back in early 2017 as a joint cryptocurrency project between Australia and Korea. Hanacoin, whilst a standard mineable cryptocurrency, was primarily focused on sports and charity.


Hanacoin Website

We started by building a new website for Hanacoin in HTML, JS and CSS3. We chose these website technologies as Hanacoin needed the flexibility to integrate API’s etc. We prepared videos, reviewed images and themed the new website. The website design process was in-depth completed over several iterations. This provided us with a new website design that that Hanacoin were happy with. 

Hanapool screenshot showing data

Hanacoin required a website design for their Mining Pool to be setup. We completed two mining pools for Hanapool. The first was coded into the existing Hanacoin website using API calls. This was operational for around 6 months before Hanapool was migrated to a standalone mining pool. The second mining pool was built with a platform called Yiimp. KirkLloyd undertook the installation, website design, layout and additional integrations for Hanapool. We continue to conduct the ongoing maintenance and support for Hanapool.

Hanacoin explorer

Finally, Hanacoin required an Explorer. The Hanacoin Explorer website build is a little different to our standard work. Kirk Lloyd undertook the website style and website hosting. This website is hosted on a local server with backup battery and redundancy plans. The ongoing support and maintenance for this website build is maintained by KirkLloyd. This explorer is used by multiple external parties to retrieve Hanacoin information and display on their own sites.

What we did.

Hanacoin Logo

Social Media

Hanacoin required Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord and Telegram Channels. KirkLloyd assisted with the setup and running of all these account.

Hanacoin explorer

Website Design

Design, Build and Host the Hanacoin.com website. Conduct ongoing maintenance and introduce API call integration to show Hanacoin statistics.

Hanacoin Website

Additional Platforms

Additional to the Social Media and website management, we assisted setting up the mining pool and explorer for Hanacoin.