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Why you should target Google Discover today!

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a feature on Google that automatically recommends content to you based on previous searches. It emphasizes visuals such as video and images, highlights news, and displays ‘evergreen’ content. To clarify, it was part of a bigger initiative that began a series of updates. These impacted Search, the Google app, and its recommendation feed. It embraces a broader scope of online content than the Google feed did. Rather than recommending mostly news and recently published content, it pulls a mix of news and evergreen content. Such as photos, videos, recipes, and how-tos.

what is google discover

Source: Google

Google Discover’s platform allows users to customise their experience. For example, each recommendation shown has a parent topic. Therefore, with technology topics, you will see headlines such as “artificial intelligence” are associated with recommendations.

Users can tap the header to see related content or follow the topic. Moreover, posts will show up on their Discover feed in the future if they follow.

Why is it Important

Google Discover is an indication of where internet search engines, and most other online platforms are going. Online content is getting more visual, personalised, and mobile-optimised.

The best way to stand out against similar websites is to post blogs and write articles. Additionally, videos, images, or graphics that are relative to online trends.

Importantly it is not a replacement for Google search.

How to Get on Google Discover

  1. Create and link pieces of web content around overarching topics.
  2. Include and optimize photos.
  3. Post videos.
  4. Create a mix of trendy and evergreen content.
  5. Follow Google News guidelines.
  6. Optimise your site and content for mobile devices.

Google DIscover and Search Results

Google Discover and Google Search are both trying to offer quality results that give readers what they’re searching for.

You should always focus on creating a solid and informative experience for your target audience. Above all, optimising your site for Google Discover and SERPs is cross beneficial. If you don’t land on Discover immediately, your content and traditional SEO strategies will benefit at the same time.