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SEO Sydney. How to manage your website SEO and what is SEO?

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Hello Sydney, is your local SEO Sydney performing? Does your business rank on Google when customers search for your business in Sydney?

If not, you’re missing out as 76% of people who search for a local company visit that day. Over a quarter of local traffic searches result in a sale. Even a phrase like ‘where to find…near me’ has increased by 250% over the past few years.

But how do you ensure your site and store appear to local customers within the South Sydney area? 

This article examines how Search Engine Optimisation will boost rankings and increase traffic.

We highlight some of the Best SEO tips and best practices. You’ll also learn how to use SEO and the benefits it brings.

Read on to make sense of search engine optimisation. And discover how an expert Sydney SEO company can put you at the top of Google Search.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO describes how to drive quality traffic to your site through organic search results.

Organic results appear on Google Search as part of the search giant’s free listings. You don’t pay to display there, you ‘earn’ it by optimising your site to match Google’s guidelines.

Types of Search Engine Optimisation

Unlike search engine marketing (SEM) where you pay to get listed, SEO works through on-site and off-site factors.

On-site refers to your own website and what you can do to make it better. Off-site targets strategies like backlinking from high-ranking sites that link to yours.

Additionally, Google examines technical search engine optimisation factors. For example, how quickly your site loads and if it’s mobile-friendly.

Local SEO Sydney

Nearly half of all searches look for local information. Ninety-seven per cent of people now use a search engine to learn about a local company.

If customers actively search for your business and you’re not listed on the first page then they’ll turn to your competitors. Therefore, targeting local customers plays a key role in modern SEO.

Including your contact details on your site should be top of the list.

Check your contact page and ensure the details are correct. You should also include an interactive map with a link for directions. Make sure to add your full address and local landmarks so Google knows the context.

SEO Sydney Small Business Listing

Did you know there’s an easy way to promote your offline store without the need for a website?

Google My Business is a free service that promotes your details throughout Google’s network.

Results for local searches appear at the top of the page within a map. If a customer searches for ‘Sydney restaurant’, the top three results display in Google Maps.

KirkLloyd can help claim and edit your listing. We can also optimise it along with your website for even better results.

Benefits of SEO

We’ve highlighted some benefits that SEO can bring to your company but below is a more detailed list.

  • Higher conversion rates – customers actively search for your site are more likely to complete a purchase
  • SEO is less expensive than PPC – pay per click ads cost more in the long term
  • Attract local customers – finding a local store on Google results in more offline visits
  • Brand awareness – increase the value of your brand through an optimised website
  • Higher ROI – SEO provides an excellent return on your investment

Many of the SEO techniques KirkLloyd uses actually improve the customer’s experience (CX).

The content fits with the keywords they search for. They can find information easily as links become optimised. The site works on their mobile phone, tablet, and laptop and images load fast.

The end result is more local customers willing to buy into a brand that they can trust.

How to use SEO to Increase Traffic

Below are 3 tips to help improve your search engine ranking position (SERP).

1. Write for Humans and Not Robots

Many SEO firms write content designed for Google to read and rank for. However, when a visitor arrives, they soon realise the site’s not for them and leave immediately.

The lesson here is to write authoritative content that your audience wants to read.

Not only will Google recognise your efforts and rank you accordingly but users will stay. Then they’ll visit the other pages on your site which could lead to a sale.

2. Target the Right Keywords

Search keywords should dictate the content on your site. Pages won’t appear in the results if they don’t relate to the phrases people search for.

The process of gathering the right keywords to use isn’t easy. That’s why KirkLloyd offers a full keyword research service.

We discover what your customers are really searching for then optimise your site to reflect them.

3. Conduct a Website Audit

A site audit inspects your current website and how it currently performs.

This creates a baseline to work from. If your site ranks on page 50 for a particular keyword, the goal would be to rank on page 1 to 2.

A site audit inspects your current website and how it currently performs.

This creates a baseline to work from. If your site ranks on page 50 for a particular keyword, the goal would be to rank on page 1 to 2.

KirkLloyd’s website audit service also examines your competitors’ websites. You’ll discover why they work and how you can rise above them in the SERPs.

Sydney SEO for Local Customers

If your business is located within the Sydney or South Sydney area then consider this.

Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the knowledge, time, or expertise to optimise their sites. They hire search engine optimisation professionals to provide this service.

Why not hire an SEO expert in your local area?

No one knows your customers like the people who actually live there. Don’t entrust your brand to someone who doesn’t understand local terms and landmarks. Hire a team that does and is right on your doorstep.

The SEO Sydney Experts

Now that you know about SEO and how it works it’s time to increase traffic to your site.

However, gearing your website for generic keywords and phrases won’t bring the best results. You need to target local traffic. And nobody does local SEO like KirkLloyd.

KirkLloyd is an SEO Sydney specialist who knows how to get results.

Our local SEO client keywords increase rankings by 42%. Combined with technical SEO expertise and backlinking strategies, you’ll see your position skyrocket.

Get help with SEO today by calling us.

As a South Sydney based business, we understand local demand. Let us share that knowledge with you today.

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