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Website Audit

Website speed is crucial to your SEO rankings and our Website Audit can help you identify these speed issues. A part of our audit is reviewing the loading time of your website for both desktop and mobile devices.

Why is website speed so critical?
Site speed reflects how quickly visitors see your site and how quickly it responds to their navigation. In short, it is how fast your website for a user to navigate. Increasingly, studies show that slow websites have lower customer retention compared to similar websites that perform faster.

Website speed is only one metric covered in our website audit. Other areas we cover are:

Missing tags on images
Poorly structured URL names
Media size that is too large
Website code errors
Security vulnerabilities
Internal or External broken links
Insecure content
and many more….

As you can begin to see, our website audit covers a large number of issues your website could be experiencing. From this list of audited data, we provide you with a list of recommendations. These recommendations often include; upgrading or moving website hosting, website code improvements, image optimisation. Additionally, error corrections, performance enhancements through to Search Engine Optimisations.

We work with you on resolving these issues. We train you and your staff and provide instructions on any issues you wish to resolve in-house. Alternatively, we can resolve all issues found in the report for you. Often, it is a combination of us resolving some issues and assisting our clients to resolve others.

Fixing website errors helps to improve your customer experience on the website. Additionally, simple changes can make significant improvements in accessibility, user experience, and SEO.