Organic Traffic

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your site from various unpaid searches or sources including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. In Google Analytics, Organic traffic can be segmented from other types of traffic. This includes referral, direct, social, paid search, and email. This traffic represents over 60% of the total traffic on a website. So it’s important!

Why invest the time in Organic Traffic?

It’s free. Building your organic search ranking and traffic is free. Optimised content is a necessity, and the resulting traffic doesn’t require any additional advertising budget.

It sends positive signals to search algorithms. Organic traffic generally has a lower bounce rate, longer time on site, and more pages per session than traffic from social media or paid search.

It drives new business. Having your website display high in the search results, especially local ones, can attract potential clients.

It’s accessible. Generating organic traffic is free and a great way to improve your search results. Additionally, paid search campaigns are often expensive with a recurring cost to maintain your presence.

It’s a solid foundation. If your website can establish authority for the lower-competition keywords in your business focus, your current or future advertising budget on paid search campaigns can be reduced or even removed around those terms leaving more budget for those tougher more expensive keyword rankings.

Permanent ranking. A website ranking that is based on organic search traffic will be very difficult for competitors to jump ahead of you in the top rankings on search engines. The quality of your website will ensure you have a constant stream of visitors and maintain your high rankings.

More relevant to search engines. While there are a number of search engines, Google is the most popular. The objective of SEO is to improve the ranking of your website on these search engines. Thus targeting Organic Traffic inherently targets search relevance. Therefore, you are making your website more relevant to users search parameters. In short, if your site has content that provides value to the visitors, Google will automatically favour your site and this increases your chances of maintaining a higher ranking on Google’s search engines.

Cost-effective. Organic Traffic doesn’t need any major financial investment. For example, with research and access to the right tools, you can update your website to more effectively target organic traffic yourself. In short, all you need to do is ensure that your website is optimised targeting your keywords and key phrases.


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